Epoch 100ah 12v in Highly Modified Jon Boat

I upgraded my 14ft jon boat build with lithium! I'm running the Epoch 100ah 12v to power my Minn Kota edge trolling motor. The battery fits like a glove in the custom deck I built. Features I love about this particular battery- on/off button, BMS can handle in series up to 4 batteries, Bluetooth capability for real time diagnostics from phone, remote battery meter, ip67, built in mounting brackets, and it looks pretty dang cool. I've tried and seen a bunch of marine batteries and pretty stoked to run this one in my boat. You can find out more about this battery or what I do in the small boat scene here-
Youtube: https://youtube.com/@AnthonyJonesBrigadeBoats?si=YeTOCSrfnYR6fFuj
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adubjones?igsh=c2t1NTVpOXpyZHg1
P.S.- This boat is built for electric only reservoirs, currently running an EPropulsion 7hp electric outboard with matching EPropulsion 48v lithium pack. There's a variety of electric outboard content on my YouTube channel.