Golf cart G2C kit 60ah or 90ah?

I’m new to the group and a new owner of the 60ah kit. I have a stock 2005 Club Car DS, 48v. We use the cart at our small campground on weekends from April through October. Once a year we go to town and back for a golf cart poker run, 10 miles round trip. This cart will be used mainly on flat gravel, grass and pavement. I think 60ah will be fine for around the campground but will it be enough for a 10-12 mile trip?
Thanks in advance!IMG_9652.jpeg
I think the 60ah kit is rated for 20-25 miles for a standard golf cart for relatively flat area travel. If you have already gotten that kit, I would install and give it a test run. You may be surprised how far you can go on these batteries. You can always add another battery later if you find you need more range.