Installing more than 4 Epoch 460ah batteries in RV

I'm trying to work through my battery needs and after figuring out what my (3) Coleman 15k Mach 8 ACs in my RV will consume, I'm thinking I wouldn't have enough to boondock overnight using just (4) 460s. The specs look like I can only connect (4) 460s together ether serial or parallel. I am 95% set on the 460s and have a clear runway from the wife on whatever it takes for that overnight requirement, so I'm all in on going bigger. I found other batteries that can exceed 4 connected into a Victron (dual Multiples) and I'm getting razzed by a friend that has a few of another brand and pulled up his specs to show their spec at about 10 batteries I think @ 208ah each.
This is by NO means anything but a positive request for help about Epoch as far as I'm concerned, I'm just curious if there is a work around for perhaps (6) 460s as long as the interconnected cabling /bus bar is correct for the power and into the 2 Victron inverters.

All the help so far has been incredibly useful from this forum and is appreciated.
Yes they weight a hair under 100lbs so I’m fortunate that the RV has a crazy high weight capacity so these will not be an issue.

I can see cases where this would be a concern so yes good to give this some thought. Thank you very much for the feedback!