Lead Acids are better than lithium, CHANGE MY MIND!

I would really like to change over to lithium when I replace my lead acids but is it REALLY worth it?


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Man, where to start? 1. the new chemistry is LiFePO4 and not just lithium. When searching ensure you use the correct terminology makes a big difference. 2. LiFePO4 batteries are 5 safer than lead acids. 3. LiFePO4 batteries will outlast 4 sets of lead acids. 5. You'll gain an average speed of 3 mph. 6. You'll not lose any power or performance on discharge down 5 % state of charge. 7. You'll get 3 times the range on run time. 8. No maintenance. 9. 4 times faster charging time. 10. No need to keep a charger plugged in to keep a charge, just turn them off. Man I go on but there's not enough space in the thread.
I debated that very question for a while before making the switch. In comparison, you will go through at least 2 sets of lead acid batteries compared to 1 set of lithium batteries. So, cost wise, even though it is a larger investment up front, the lithium batteries end up cheaper in the long run. Factor in the time you don't have to spend doing battery maintenance and cleaning the floor under the cart, it becomes a no brainer. I love mine!
I just bought two Duracell 31 AGM in April because I didn't find a battery that checked all the boxes. I found a couple of the Epoch breakdown reviews on youtube and everyone said they was very impressed the quality of the build. I live in Nebraska and I really wanted the self heating battery. I almost bought the Weizes Batteries in April, but a couple of the reviews said they arrived dead on arrival. I fished 6 hours a couple of weeks ago and it was 32 degrees outside. I only used 20 percent of the battery. The App is awesome. no more uneasy feelings, not knowing how long your batteries will last. I've been on a few fishing trips and couldn't find power to charge my AGM's at the hotel. Believe everyone who says you can fish two days on lithium batteries.