DIY 5th wheel boondock setup 12v based

Built from the ground up all by myself. BMS was my main source for products and tech help since I was only 3 hours away from san diego. Justin is incredible.

Solar panels were used from a solar farm. DIY junction with din rails and breakers. DIY box with a J dump through the ceiling.
4 Valence batteries were used with minimum cycles. I made the custom usb cord to communicate with them to ensure cycles and balance. 4/0 cabling.
Shore power and oem ATS (onboard 5500 onan) were retained.
Full cerbo gx with touchscreen, dcss and vrm portal all active.

This was a fun build and allowed me to boondock at different jobsites and travel freely when California RV parks were inundated.

Hindsight being what it is and the recent boom with great lithium, I'd totally go 24v or 48v the next go around.